The New Ep is Here!  JWD Better Together – The VDO Series
“Because We Are Together” Ep.2 DataSafe x Cold Chain

Stars Updates Vol 07/2022


JWD Better Together – The VDO Series

Because We Are Together Ep.2
DataSafe x Cold Chain

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Collaboration is a key to delivering better solutions and strengthen JWD Group
In order to deliver excellent services to our customers.

#BetterTogether #Nowayisimpossible 

Thank you for all the feedback for the previous episode of JWD Better Together – The VDO Series Because We Are Together

In this episode, you’ll see the effective collaboration between

Mr. Sathit Singtoroj, – General Manager
DataSafe (Document and Data Storage)


Mr. Anek Jeratawatchai, Deputy Managing Director
Cold Chain Group, initiated the AI Robotic System applied to Storage Management.

Both will work together as well as sharing knowledge, experience, and technology in order to set up the first Document Storage Warehouse with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) in Thailand.

The advantages of ASRS Warehouse
that helps maximize the efficiency for #TeamJWD

1. Ability to store goods on shelves up to 16 stories high,
doubling the original capacity of 5-7 stories, leading to cost saving in terms of land and ability to operate in storage with temperature as low as minus-20 degrees Celsius
2. Ability to store and retrieve goods with speed and accuracy
at less than three minutes per rack or pallet compared to 10 minutes in the past when using a mobile pallet system and up to 30 minutes for shelving
3. Less dependence on manual labor
resulting in reduction of workers from 5-15 per warehouse to one or two because forklift operators are no longer needed
4. Reduced energy use
because no forklifts are needed and less lighting is required


Launching JWD Hero with P’ Oui, Tanate Piriyothinkul
Position: Director / Executive Director / Chief Commercial Officer in Business Development and Investment / Managing Director Overseas Business and Investment

“I am working at JWD for 8 years and 5 months. Before I started working here, I had a dream and passion for JWD to be a regional or global logistics and supply chain company, and now JWD has the capability to be an ASEAN Top Specialized logistics and supply chain company with strong partners, large organization size and growing continually.” Over the past 8 years, his duties and responsibilities in corporate strategy by developing and expanding new businesses both domestically and internationally have proven his success as a key executive of JWD.

“Passion drives success / Set goals with determination / People, potential team, these are 3 words that I have always adhered to as working principles. It’s not just the way of working for one person but conveyed to all of the team.” In addition to the good ideas in the work, he also emphasized once again that We always have to change and develop ourselves continuously because “Success is something we can be delighted with just one day”

Although today we have to say goodbye to “P’Oui” and congratulate him on his new career path, the passion at work and set goals for success in his way of working will definitely be an important inspiration to be delivered to the management team and JWD employees.

and P’ Oui is still one of the #TeamJWD always and forever.

To read the full interview, click here!

Work Experiences


  • Developing strategic and business plans before entering the Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Establish the JWD Asia as well as recruit its employees
  • Establish the JWD Asia Holding for overseas ventures and businesses
  • Establish the JWD Asia in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos (joint ventured with RMA Group)


  • Developing 2015-2020 strategic and business plans
  • Registering the Company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand


  • Investing in and managing Phnom Penh SEZ in Cambodia


  • Establishing Samudera JWD Logistics in Indonesia (joint ventured with Samudera)
  • Investing in and managing ACL Logistics in Indonesia


  • Investing in and managing Bok Seng PPSEZ Dry Port in Cambodia
  • Investing in CSLF in Taiwan
  • Establishing CJJWD Logistics in Thailand (joint ventured with CJ Logistics)
  • Establishing cooperation with CJ Logistics in Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Establishing JWD Bok Seng Logistics in Thailand (joint ventured with Bok Seng Singapore)


  • Establishing Group Commercial Department to manage sales, marketing and business development within the Group
  • Investing in Transimex Group in Vietnam
  • Establishing JWD Express in Thailand


  • Developing 2021-2025 strategic and business plans
  • Establishing Group Sales Function to operate sales to cover every business within the Group
  • Establishing Management Trainee Program season 1


  • Investing in VNS Transport business in Thailand
  • Investing in MyCloud Fulfillment business in Thailand
  • Investing in Food Story business in Thailand
  • Establishing ALPHA Industrial Solution in Thailand
  • Adjusting the structure and the business management of JWD Transport in Thailand
  • Establishing the ‘FUZE POST’ cooperation with Thailand Post and Flash Express


  • Establishing Management Trainee Program season 2
  • Establishing ‘FUZE POST’ joint venture company


DGC and The Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Department Welcomes Staff from The State Railway of Thailand and PTT for A Visit to JWD Dangerous Goods Storage.

On June 30, 2022, DGC and The Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Department welcomed staff from The State Railway of Thailand and PTT Public Company Limited. for a visit to JWD Dangerous Goods Storage in order to observe the dangerous goods container, regulations and the standard safety guideline for the Dangerous Warehouse area to be an instruction for the preparation of the standard concerning the rail carriage of dangerous goods.

Mr.Nattapume Pavaratn Presents a Lecture on “The Cold Chain in the Warehouse Cold Storage Business” at Sripatum University

Mr.Nattapume Pavaratn, JWD Executive Director and the President of the Warehouse Silo and Cold Storage Business Association was invited to be a guest speaker to deliver a lecture on “The Professional Logistics Administrator in Agricultural Products and Temperature-controlled Food, which is the first course in Thailand arranged by Sripatum University.

JWD Transport, JWD Asia Cambodia and RMA Group Join Forces to Deliver Transportation Service for Automotive Parts And Join In Congratulating the Opening of Ford’s First Assembly Plant in Cambodia

On June 16, 2022, Mr. Nuttapon Busarapongpanich, AVP Regional Sales and Operations Management and Mr.Bryan Yeo, Country Manager, JWD Asia Cambodia joined in congratulating to the Management team of RMA Group in the opening of Ford’s First assembly plant in Cambodia which His Excellency Lieutenant General Hun Manet presided over the opening ceremony.

JWD Transport and JWD Asia Cambodia provided support in transportation and Customs Clearance for the Complete Knocked Down (CKD), the spare parts from Thailand which will be assembled into the vehicle at Ford’s assembly plant managed by RMA Automotive (Cambodia)

The Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Department Participates in the Assessment for Core Capacity Requirements at Designated Ports

During June 16 – 17, the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Department took part in the assessment for core capacity requirements at the Welfare Centre, Laem Chabang Port in order to develop the international entry and exit channels in communication, environmental sanitation under normal circumstances and preparedness for and response to international health and disaster emergencies.

Mr.Nattapume Pavaratn Joins the Session to Share Ideas for the Ph.D. Curriculum Development, Chulalongkorn University

On June 16, Mr.Nattapume Pavaratn, SVP Commercial, JWD Group was invited as the Professional from the Private Entrepreneur together with the academic dignitaries to share ideas for the Ph.D. Curriculum Development in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Chulalongkorn University at Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Now Open! The Inaugural Train from the Center of Khon Kaen. JWD Reinforces the Rail System to Lower Transportation Costs for Operators

On June 13, JWD together with Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., Ltd. were ready to provide the railway freight transportation service from Khon Kaen to Laem Chabang Port which Khon Kaen is considered to be an important hub following the China-Laos-Thailand route. This service will support operators to reduce costs from higher fuel costs in which JWD is a qualified entrepreneur selected by the State Railway of Thailand to be a company participated in this service.

JWD will provide the Lifting Service and the Shipping Containers Transportation by rail to Laem Chabang Port to distribute to various destinations. Additionally, the Fleet Utilization System developed by JWD affiliated company will be adopted to achieve the maximum efficiency of transportation management and to reduce carbon emissions and help reducing global warming as well.

JWD Transport Executives Deliver a Lecture on a Non-Degree Course on Logistics and Distribution at Southeast Bangkok College

On May 29, JWD Transport led by Mr.Kriangsak Tanasiranont, VP Group Commercial and Dr. Surat Janthongpan, Executive Business Development Consultant were invited to be special speakers to present a lecture and share an experience on working in The Logistics Business for a non-degree course in Logistics and Distribution Management for students in Faculty of Logistics and Aviation Technology, Southeast Bangkok College.


Winner Announcement for the “5 liters of Boba Milk Tea” (THB 990/prize) for 5 Winners to share and celebrate with your hero.

  1. Phornsikarn Pratanphorn PCS
  2. Anitaya I-sanawin HO
  3. Rattiphorn Sama JTS SWA
  4. Natsaran Thartme HO
  5. Chanjira Ralakee LFZB

*The committee’s decision is considered final
*The prize can be adjusted accordingly subject to the discretion of the director.

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