JWD x MyCloudFulfillment launch
“E-commerce Fulfillment Services”

Stars Updates Vol 10/2021
JWD x MyCloudFulfillment Launch
E-commerce Fulfillment Service “Store – Pick&Pack – Ship” to Support E-commerce Boom
JWD saw the opportunity to venture into the new “E-commerce Fulfillment” business that provided integrated storage, pick&packing and delivery services through the cooperation with MyCloudFulfillment, the No.1 online service provider to support the needs of online sellers, and entrepreneurs with online distribution channels who have the need to rent storage space, packaging and delivery to the end-customers’ destinations integrally – to help simplify the management of back-office orders and play an essential part in the e-commerce supply chain. I

This cooperation brings together the strengths of both parties to increase the speed of service at full efficiency resulting in delivering services that better meet the needs of customers.

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

  • Checking for the accuracy amount and quality of products
  • Place and store items categorize by SKUs and categorize inventory for storage.
  • Connect all sales channels across the entire commerce ecosystem.
  • Market Intelligence that helps analyzing and marketing planning
  • Properly packing, barcode scanning service for all orders
  • Special packaging to increase the value of products such as basket arrangement, gift box wrapping, promotional sets
  • A wide range of delivery services are available, and tracking numbers are updated to allow the customers to check the status immediately
‘JWD’ advances to expand investment by partnering with Top Thai startup ‘MyCloudFulfillment’ to provide ‘E-commerce Fulfillment’  
to support e-commerce boom, to leverage long-term joint venture towards strong strategic partnership

JWD moves forward to expand B2C business by partnering with Thailand’s leading startup, MyCloudFulfillment, to expand into the “warehouse fulfillment” to support customers in online business with the launch of service in the Minburi area in September 2021 to offer integrated storage, packing and delivery services. JWD is investing in storage warehousing and infrastructure while MyCloudFulfillment is responsible for warehousing system, ordering system and warehouse management with software technology which is an important asset that can link up with every online platform as well as data mining to support seamless back office ordering management.

It is expected that the bulk of customers will be registered in 2023 with revenue hitting 100 million baht. At the same time, the Company is set to enter into a joint venture with MyCloudFulfillment to form a strong partnership with plans to expand service coverage to “cold chain fulfillment” and extend the business into the ASEAN region.
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JWD selected into SET’s 2021 list of THSI stocks for the 4th consecutive year
On 4 October, JWD was selected for inclusion in the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (or SET’s) 2021 list of Thailand Sustainability Investment (or THSI) stocks for the 4th consecutive year.

This year, the company has a comprehensive crisis management planning during the COVID-19 pandemic and Ensure the safety and wellbeing of the employees in the workplace to help drive continuous improvement and efficiency of the business.

JWD is committed to conducting its business in accordance with its commitment to all stakeholders and would like to thank all employees for being part of driving the organization.
JWD Transport delivers supplies to flood victims in Lopburi province
On 2 October, JWD Transport provided and delivered food and other relief supplies to those affected by the Floods in Lopburi province.
Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn Received the “Association Excellence, Trade Association Prestige Award 2021”
On 15 September, Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn, Executive Director and SVP Group Commercial JWD was granted the “Association Excellence, Trade Association Prestige Award 2021 by the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce as the President of the Warehouse, Silo and Cold Storage Business Association. This association is the center between entrepreneurs, members of the warehouse logistics group, including the government sectors to exchange both business and academic knowledge.
Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn and Dr. Surat Janthongpan Present a Lecture on “The Cold Chain Management for the Warehouse and Cold Storage Business”
On 11 September, Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn, Director and SVP Group Commercial and Dr. Surat Janthongpan, Executive Business Development Consultant from JWD Group gave a lecture on “The Cold Chain Management for the Warehouse and Cold Storage Business” and exchanged the experience as an expert in the Cold Storage Business for over 20 years, in the Human Resources Development Project according to the national qualification framework in the Logistics field organized by Sripatum University which more than 100 people attended the lecture.
Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul Delivers a Lecture on “Logistics & Supply Chain Transformation”
Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul, Chief of Commercial Officer; JWD Group was invited to be a special guest speaker to deliver a lecture on “Logistics & Supply Chain Transformation” to SCG International Management team and RISE Academy.
Winning Announcement: JWD Service Idol 2021
* Remarks :
  1. 5 JWD Service Idols 2021 have been selected by 3 criteria as follows:
    1. Understanding of the Core Value (STARS)
    2. Personality
    3. Attitudes and service skill
  2. For applicants who were not selected to be “JWD Service Idol” this year, the company would like to give certificates and tokens of appreciation for their participation and service mind.
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