Let’s watch the movie that reflects JWD employees’ life & spirit
JWD N A “Think Everything Logistics”

Stars Updates Vol 09/2022


JWD N A.. “Think Everything Logistics”

We won’t say what we’re “Good” at…as our Best…is in here…

JWD N A.. “Think Everything Logistics”

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Let’s watch the movie that reflects on the concept embedded in the smallest molecule…D N A.. to reveal the life and spirit of JWD employees, through a small connection into a network of regional business alliances.

The BEST.. at thinking and doing

The BEST.. to keep the business world growing steadily

The BEST..for every step towards the future

The integration of the experience, expertise, and readiness together with technologies of JWD N A enables JWD to be “beyond” Logistics to strengthen and optimize the business network to go further, seamlessly.

Let’s join and prove your JWD Identity in the Cover Activity for JWD N A…“Think Everything Logistics” to win the exclusive prizes of the year.

✧ 1st Prize: THB 20,000 Cash for 1 Winner
✧ 2nd Prize: THB 5,000 Cash for 2 Winners
✧ 3rd Prize: THB 1,000 Cash for 10 Winners
✧ 4th Prize: THB 500 Cash for 20 Winners


Terms & Conditions

  1. Join in “The Cover Activity” (The Character Impersonation) from the movie “JWD N A.. “Think Everything Logistics”
  2. Submit your work in VDO or photo only (No limitation on techniques and methods) and allow only one work per one person/team
  3. Identify the name-surname, employee No., department and contact number of all team member
  4. Submit your work via email: by Monday, September 26, 2022 at 6PM
  5. The winner will be notified in “Stars Updates”, October Edition

* The committees’ decision is considered final
* The prize can be adjusted accordingly subject to the discretion of the director


JWD posts strong Q2/2022 net profit of 154.1 million baht 33.4% growth from last year Optimistic of an even more profitable H2/2022

JWD reported continually improved performance in Q2/2022 with the net profit for the quarter of 154.1 million baht, or a growth of 33.4 percent from last year as the revenue from the main business has improved along with the realization from profit sharing from business partnerships. This has helped to boost the overall performance for the first half of the year. The Company is confident of even better second half of the year as the main business is riding on a positive trend while the warehousing and automotive management businesses are looking to return to normal. The Company is also ready to realize profit from the new PACM cold storage joint venture as well as the plan to speed up the completion of the new phase in accordance with the plan to ramp up the investment. At the same time, the Company is ready to cooperate with Central Pattana Public Company Limited in the self-storage business partnership in which the storage area will be increased to 100,000 square meters within 2025.

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Offline Media
Thunhoon Newspaper  |  23 August 2022

Kaohoon Newspaper  |  22 August 2022

Online Media

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JWD Participates in Thailand Focus 2022, Organised by The Stock Exchange of Thailand

On August 26, 2022, Mr.Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO and Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO joined the SET Thailand Focus 2022 arranged by The Stock Exchange of Thailand to exhibit the potential of the Thailand Economy and Capital Market which JWD was one of 120 participating companies to take part in this session to share the business updates and the company strategy plans for foreign institutional investors.

JWD underlines potential as top ASEAN logistics & supply chain expert Winning prestigious ‘Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies’ Award

JWD proclaims its achievement by being bestowed with “Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies – Thailand Awards 2022” which are presented to leading private companies in Thailand that have displayed notable success in their respective management and for their role in driving the industrial sector along with the country’s economic system. The awards have been vetted through a highly credible evaluation process, under the most stringent and independent consideration. In the meantime, the Company’s executives have set the target of topping 10 billion baht in revenue within the year 2025.

JWD is Invited to Attend APEC Customs Business Dialogue 2022, As One of the Five Representatives

On August 23, 2022, Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn, SVP Commercial, took part in a forum for the discussion about “Customs and Green Economy” as JWD is one of the ASEAN Logistics and Supply Chain Provider who recognise the importance of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as well as the Business Operational Sustainability.

JWD provides the largest free zone warehouse at Laem Chabang Port and free zone cold storage warehouses at Suwinthawong, Chachoengsao Province, and Bangna – Trad KM.19 under the supervision of The Customs Department.

JPAC and JPK Hold the Office Blessing Ceremony 2022

On 19 and 23 August, 2022, the Cold Chain Group organised the Office Blessing Ceremony 2022 at JPAC, Suwinthawong and at JPK, Bang Na, for greater auspicious of the organisation and morale of all employees. Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO, presided over the ceremony, together with the management team and employees to join giving alms and food to the monks and Buddhist chanting ceremony.

CEO Talk 2022

On August 18, 2022, “CEO Talk 2022 – Because Everyone is the Hero” activity has finally come to an end. At the session, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO provided updates on the overall and new businesses of JWD including the company’s turnover in 2021 and 2022, with the employees’ Q&A mini session and Mr.Nattapume Pavaratn, SVP Commercial was the MC throughout the event which more than 500 employees joined via Zoom Meeting and Facebook (Closed FB Group – Share Sook)

✦  Catch up the “CEO Talk 2022” session:
✦  VDO “Voice from Heroes:
✦  Presentation download:

The 2nd Laem Chabang Port Security Workshop and Training Programme for the Year 2022

On August, 15 – 19, 2022, the Dangerous Goods Center and the Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment attended the 2nd Laem Chabang Port Security Workshop and Training Programme for the Year 2022 which Mr. Bundit Sakonwisawa, Managing Director of the Laem Chabang Port presided over the opening ceremony. Additionally, the expert team from the Washington State Partnership Program, from the United States of America joined to spread knowledge and experience of how to cope with emergencies with a simulation of a realistic emergency and a full-scale exercise to allow all participants to exchange working experience and come up with common guidelines for training. In relation to the chemical information, it was demonstrated and analyzed by the Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment.

In the Auspicious Occasion of the Eighth of August (8.8), JWD Launches the Cold Storage Warehouse at Saraburi Province to Support the Consistently Increasing of the Storage Capacity

On August 8, 2022, “JWD led by Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO and the Cold Chain Group Executives started the compressor at JWD Cold Storage Warehouse, Saraburi Province to prepare for the poultry and fruit juice products in the Eastern and Northeastern areas.

Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO Joins the Idea Exchange Session “The Crisis Management – The Opportunity for the Service Business”

On August 2, 2022, Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO, was invited to join the ACMA Executive Talk as the Logistics Provider Representative from the Association of Capital Market Academy Alumni (ACMA) to share ideas on “The Crisis Management – The Opportunity for the Service Business from 8 Industrial Business Groups”


Terms & Conditions

  1. 14 Cash Winners, please send the front of your Employee ID Card and the bank account number to only *The employee’s name and surname on the ID Card and the bank account must be matched.
  2. 50 LINE Sticker (Mr.JWD) Winners, please send the front of your Employee ID Card to LINE: @jwdgroup (@) only
  3. The prize will be delivered by the Corporate Communication Department after all required documents are submitted.
  4. The deadline for receiving prize is 15 September 2022
  5. For more information please contact: Tel 02 710 4000 #2008 or Email:

Winners Announcement

THB 5,000 Cash for 1 Winner

  1. Warawut Benjawansakorn, PCS & PLP

THB 1,000 Cash for 3 Winners 

  1. Patthira Pikul, JWD InfoLogistics
  2. Kamolnert Fongsamut, JWD Transport
  3. Thunwalai Sriket, JWD InfoLogistics

THB 200 Cash for 10 Winners 

  1. Chamaiporn Jamchan, JWD Express
  2. Witchayaporn Wongchomphu, JWD Store It!
  3. Kachaporn Kumfard, AutoLogic
  4. Piradee Mepong, DataSafe
  5. Pakaporn Chuersook, AutoLogic 
  6. Saowarot Boonsri, VNS
  7. Thiratida Taochalee, Dynamic IT Solutions
  8. Picaya Rakkarndee, JWD Express
  9. Sasitorn Somnuk, AutoLogic
  10. Chawachai Kongkitikul, JWD InfoLogistics

Line Sticker Mr.JWD for 50 Winners

  1. Kanokporn Boonrod, JWD InfoLogistics
  2. Krittiya Phopang, JPAC
  3. Kanthorn Chankeaw, PCS&PLP
  4. Kanchana Muangplad, JVK
  5. Chanjira Ralakee, JWD InfoLogistics
  6. Jaruwan Wongkachang, JWD Transport
  7. Jintana Daorueng, PACM
  8. Jirapan Thumsang,JWD InfoLogistics
  9. Chayanit Phuedchantug, JWD InfoLogistics
  10. Thitiporn Nuiyen, JVK
  11. Tamonwan Kuapradub, JWD InfoLogistics
  12. Thunchanok Pachanathong, JWD Store It!
  13. Thunradee Thynphurinut, JWD InfoLogistics

14. Thirada Keawjongmul, JWD InfoLogistics
15. Narongsak Fachaiphoom, Dynamic IT Solution
16. Narisara Moonsom, JWD InfoLogistics
17. Thipwan Chaisri, AutoLogic
18. Soraya Pongnam, JWD InfoLogistics
19. Nattaya Kwanmeung, JWD InfoLogistics
20. Nampheung Shiyangkabud, JPK
21. Nisarawan Paresrithong, JWD Transport
22. Buppha Maksuthed, JWD InfoLogistics
23. Prapaporn Rattanasukon, JWD InfoLogistics
24. Parichard Nima, JWD Transport
25. Punnapong Boonda, JWD Store It!
26. Pongpan Inwan, JWD InfoLogistics
27. Pornchanok Nukij, JWD InfoLogistics
28. Phudsilp Pangya, JWD Transport
29. Feungfa Sawangsuk, JWD InfoLogistics
30. Pattra Deeprom, JWD InfoLogistics
31. Patsara Prompiban, JWD Transport
32. Rapeepan Singruek, Dynamic IT Solutions
33. Rattana Phooprasertpakdee, JPK
34. Rattana Kittiyano, AutoLogic
35. Wanna Somtoom, JWD InfoLogistics
36. Waraporn Saekwo, DataSafe
37. Sarawut Meungkrin, JWD Transport
38. Sasima Inchoo, AutoLogic
39. Satapakorn Kongsakul, JWD InfoLogistics
40. Sarocha Auemsook, JWD Transport
41. Sukanya Kumphukeaw, AutoLogic
42. Surarak Thipyanwong, JWD InfoLogistics
43. Areeya Mahamed, JWD InfoLogistics
44. Udom Arunwer, AutoLogic
45. Chaiwat Pomdang JWD Express
46. Danan Keeya JVK
47. Kamontus Nualsrisai JWD Transport
48. Kanjanee chuenjai JVK
49. Sou Chandaratoth JWD Asia

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