Everyday Hero! Part 2
“Every Employee” is JWD great “Hero”

Stars Updates Vol 08/2022



Because “Every Employee” is JWD great “Hero”

To provide cooperation, knowledge, ability, and great unity
for achieving the same goal

Because everyone is the real “Everyday Hero!”

Let’s get to know more about the 3 Heroes together!

When talking about the relocation issues and challenges, all of these will be easily solving by P’Sattra. You can count on him!

20 years ago, P’ Sattra Kretram started working at JVK in the position of Packing Officer. From that day, he learnt, practiced, and accumulated experience in providing the House & Office Relocation Services, until he achieved the position of Assistant Warehouse Operation Manager at present.

He is responsible for the team, transport vehicle, material, and warehouse management. “My morning routines are to prepare work plans with Sales team, take care of the team members, daily prepare the vehicles for the moving team, and make plans for the next day, including resolve the issues in order to help the team succeed

His greatest accomplishment are the moving & packing of the invaluable antique vases and the only ancient carved ivory in the world. I have been trusted by The Fine Arts Department to pack, transport and bring to the show.

“JVK is my second home that give me everything I have today, and JWD is always my beloved company and will be forever. I would like to thank JWD and JVK for all the opportunities they have given me”

Be a Hero: I do admire Mr. Chadchart, our new Bangkok Governor as he is a great leader with commitment and determination. He can effectively define the problem and immediately come up with a solution. Also, he can be accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. I do admire him.

If you can’t figure thing out…
Let’s talk to P’Chompoo

No need to have Secretary Kim, just “Secretary Chompoo – Pachompoo Tulyathon”, Executive Office Division Manager or you can call her “VVIP ASSISTANT OF CEO JWD”. She is competent, active, and fully supports her CEO. She is always ready to strengthen good relationships between management executives, team members and customers to achieve all goals.

Always has to work closely with the management team, P’Chompoo mentioned that the hidden gems of her success are to respect everyone that she contacts with, also always open up to people and ready to learn. The hardest thing for me is that we don’t have to know everything, but we must effectively communicate to maintain coordination and clearly understand the assigned tasks.

“The most challenging project that I am so proud of is to participate in the auction for the Coastal Barge Terminal at Leam Chabang Port. Tons of documents needed to be properly examined which I took 40-50 times before clearly understanding. Everything was so difficult from discussing with the team, preparing documents, to understanding the procedures and practices. Finally, we won the container lifting and moving services at Barge Terminal. This is the significant Lesson Learn project for my career and I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all members in the team. ”

Last but not least, I would like to say to all my JWD friends that “Don’t let your guard down and take good care of yourself. Let’s fight with patience and reach the goal together.”;

Be a Hero: Doraemon is my choice as he has all the magical devices that I want and I can help everyone in time.

P’Suvir – The real “IT Man” of JWD

When talking about the real IT Man of JWD, Suvir Kumar, Assistance General Manager from Dynamic IT Solutions will the first on the list. He takes care of all technical jobs, system management including software, hardware, and communication system, to both affiliates and external customers.

“My most impressive and challenge job would be all DG system installation project. I and my team developed the DG-NSW software to help managing the DG yard and warehouse with IT system in every procedure from D-GPS: Container Handling using GPS, DG-NET: The National Dangerous Goods Database, The Yard Warehouse Management System using the Product Classification Storage to focus on safety, to Crane System, CCTV and Finance-related tasks.”

“IT is quite important and I would like everyone to recognize the significance of IT as it can help handling data and other arduous tasks. Also, it can lead to the future trend of the development of AI in Warehouse robotics. In addition to the important of IT, he would like to highlight that “People” and “Communication” are also necessary. We need to understand each other and be open-minded.

Lastly, I want everyone to work well together as a team. We’re already a strong team but we will become even stronger.

Be a Hero: I want to be a hero with the power of knowledge which can learn everything quickly and can help solve every problem.

Because “Every Employee”
is JWD Great “Hero”

Stay Tune for the next “Everyday Heroes” in the next Stars Updates


Central Pattana joins hands with ASEAN’s top logistics and supply chain solutions service provider JWD to expand self-storage business, targets B2B and B2C customers

Central Pattana Plc., Thailand’s No.1 company in sustainable real estate development and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels across Thailand, has joined forces with JWD InfoLogistics Plc. (JWD), one of ASEAN’s top logistics and supply chain solutions service providers, to expand into self-storage service business.

In combining their forces, Central Pattana is utilising its expertise in developing retail-led mixed-use development projects in key locations across the country, while JWD is using its know-how in the self-storage service business with the six branches of JWD Store It! and a total storage space of over 13,000 square meters. Central Pattana has invested over 100 million baht for a stake of 30 percent in JWD Store It!, resulting in it being a joint venture between Central Pattana, JWD and Store It! Management, Singapore’s leading self-storage company.

PCS and PACM Hold the Office Blessing Ceremony 2022

On 19 and 20 July, 2022, the Cold Chain Group arranged the Office Blessing Ceremony 2022 at PCS, Mahachai and at PACM, respectively, for greater auspicious of the organisation and also morale of all employees. Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO, presided over the ceremony, together with the management team and employees to join giving alms and food to the monks and Buddhist chanting ceremony.

JWD Prepares for the Route of Thai – Cambodia Railway Transport Service

On 13 – 15 July, 2022, Mr. Bordin Tanthaphaiboon, Managing Director, Mr. Nuttapon Busarapongpanich, AVP Regional Sales and Operations Management, and team joined the meeting with The Royal Railway, the Cambodian Railway Operator, and The Royal Group Phnom Penh Sez PLC, including visited the Phnom Penh, Potisat and Poipet Railway Station to further develop the Multimodal Transport from Thailand to Cambodia.


Why is ‘Code of Conduct’ an important topic?
And how is it relevant to the employee?

Code of Conduct is the tool to promote the Company’s transparency while operating its business. It is the framework that directors, executives and employees are requested to follow – for fair practice and confidence creation among investors and stakeholders e.g. employees, shareholders, customers, business partners, creditors, competitors and the public – as well as for the organization’s stability and growth generation.

The guideline topics are as follows:

  In consequence, the Company would like to cordially ask for the cooperation of the Company’s as well as the Group’s executives and employees to please study and conform to the Company’s Code of Conduct at the website in the “Sustainable Development” category under “Good Corporate Governance” by selecting to download “Code of Conduct”. Click here to download!

Should you have any queries or suggestions, please contact the Company’s Secretary Department at e-mail tel. 027104000 ext. 2006

“Abstention of Code of Conduct conformity is considered the violation of the employer’s rules, regulations, announcements and orders. Violators will be punished according to disciplinary action and may be penalized in accordance with the law should those particular behaviors are against it.

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