JWD Service Idol Season 1:
Looking for the right one… a service-minded one
Stars Updates Vol 07/2021
JWD Service Idol Season 1
Looking for the right one…
a service-minded one

JWD has established a set of associate performance and ability guideline which will be used as a reference to develop associates in accordance with the company’s target. It will also act as a framework that will help enhance the company’s human resource to help our associates develop in their career paths.

A person with a service attitude provides service to both internal and external customers willingly and in a friendly way. The person also uses an appropriate and friendly manner and tone of voice. Apart from that, the person with the service attitude also focuses on solving customer’s problems to ensure the highest level of impression by exceeding their expectation.
Regardless of what stage of Service Attitude you are practicing, if you are willing to step ahead with us, JWD Group is now looking for the right person to join the “JWD Service Idol Season 1: Looking for the right one … a service-minded one”.

Participate for a chance to win prizes valued up to THB 50,000. You can participate if you are …
  1. An employee of the JWD Group
  2. There is no restriction in regards of gender, age, or how long have you been working with us
  3. Have never been subjected to any disciplinary action by the company
You can simply fill in the online form by clicking on this link 
JWD Service IDOL ss.1

Or you can also apply through your HR or administration department in your company or branch. The application starts from today and ends on the 31st July, 2021. Names of candidates in round 1 will be announced on 9th August, 2021
For more information, please contact us via any of the following channels;
Tel: 027104000 ext. 2213, 2212 / 0906788206
Facebook : JWD People & Culture
Line : @678lxltb
Email :
Flash Express management team visits our cold storage at PCS
On 18 June, Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO, and Mrs. Achara Nimitpanya welcomed Mr.Komsan Saelee, CEO and management team from Flash Express to visit Buildings 8, the first public cold storage warehouse in Thailand to be equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) at PCS, Mahachai.
JWD Asia Cambodia donates essential goods to assist Cambodian workers
JWD Asia Cambodia and other Thai companies conducting business in Cambodia cooperatively donated essential goods via the Royal Thai Embassy in Cambodia to assist Cambodian workers who are in quarantine after returning from Thailand.
The exhibition ‘A Life Beyond Boundaries (The Geography of Belonging)’ at JWD Art Space
At JWD Art Space, catch a glimpse of contemporary art from 14 Southeast Asian Artists in the exhibition ‘A Life Beyond Boundaries (The Geography of Belonging)’. Open your perception and understanding about the significance meaning and importance of nationhood. What is hidden under the familiar and ordinary symbols? All the thought-provoking and waiting for you to find out yourself. This package will be available from June 1 to September 30, 2021, we are open every day from 10 AM – 7 PM (Closes on Monday). Free admission.

The following is the list of the winners who will receive a “Fight COVID” bag with essentials good to help fight COVID valued more than THB 1,000. The Organisational Communication department will deliver the prize to your department from the 15th July, 2021 onwards.

List of the winners
  1. Thannika Phonsuwan  HO
  2. Chanjira Laraki   LFZB
  3. Sasima Inchoo  ATL-LCB
  4. Anitaya I-Sanawin  HO
  5. Sukanya Kamphukaew  ATL-LCB
  6. Theerathida Toachalee  DITS
  7. Nantana Yoosook   LCB 
  8. Tongprajak Jaemjun  HO 
  9. Ariya Soisoongnern  ATL-LCB
  10. Varinthorn Aeimjaroen  HO
* The judges’ verdict is final
* The prize can be altered according to the judges’ verdict
* For more information, call 02 710 4000 #2008 or email

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