Introducing our Everyday Hero!
“Every Employee” is JWD great “Hero”

Stars Updates Vol 05/2022


Because “Every Employee” is JWD great “Hero”

That help the continuing growth of the company for 43 years
To deliver the best service to our customers

It’s YOU! and EVERYONE in JWD Group
To provide the cooperation, knowledge, ability, and great unity
for achieving the same goal

Because everyone is the real “Everyday Hero!”

Let’s get to know more about the 4 Heroes together!

He’s in every era with his Ferrari since the first second of DG

Back to the year 2003, the first day that JWD started to manage the dangerous goods container at Laem Chabang Port. P’Tee, Viroj Inthornchit is one of the DG team members in the early stage. “I’ve been at JWD for almost 20 years, I’m so proud to be a small part that helps the company growth.”

His main responsibilities everyday are starting from work preparation and planning since 6 o’clock in the morning and he will start working on 8 o’clock with his beloved “Ferrari”. He will drive his “Ferrari” to move and organize the containers in the yard, including safety checking. “Talk about my “Ferrari”, it’s the Reach Stacker! Khun P once walked to pat on my shoulder and said “I bought you a Ferrari, take good care of it! I would leave it to you”

“I’m going to retire next year. I would like to thank the company, Khun P. and Khun V. for giving me this great opportunity. From having nothing to have a house, a car, and I can have enough money for my kids’ university tuition fees. Without JWD, I probably wouldn’t have been today.”

He can handle both difficult and urgent tasks. All the tasks are under his control.”

Whether it’s a difficult or urgent jobs tasks Bang Yu, Sompong Binhayeesulaiman will be always the first person that pop up in everyone in DataSafe mind. “My motto at work is “In order to accomplish each job, Focus! Determination! and take action! are a must.”

His main responsibilities are starting from customer support, checking boxes and flies, express documents delivery, forklift driving and every assigned task including being a main person who taking care of the challenging tasks. “My latest work is challenging. A customer stored thousands of boxes with 1 box/pallet. Then the customer had asked for more storages and picking items almost every day. We worked hard to keep up with the vessel schedules. Fortunately, we got more team members to help complete work on time.”

“I’ve been working at DataSafe for 20 years. Until today, there are more employees, a new robotic document storage and JWD itself also has the diversified business group. I’m very proud to see the company growth and making more money. We will grow steadily together with the company.”

No.1 female employee in the Transport Industry of the first-generation “Car Carrier”

When it comes to “Car Carrier” transportation, it seems that men are the right person for this job. However, P’Muay, Pratsaneeyaporn Chaiyamo who accumulated more than 10 years of experience was going through every pressure making her become the No.1 in “Car Carrier” transportation.

Her main responsibilities are customers support, coordinating between car manufacturers, dealers, JTS and trailer suppliers including transportation planning, scheduling and supporting on-site in order to handle every job task on time and achieve customers goals and KPIs.

Being the No. 1 in “Car Carrier” transportation and planning with recognition and customer’s trust is not easy for her. “The more injuries, the more experiences, To be honest, I feel pressure as I’m a female and also younger than many seniors, however, I learned and I gained trust from the team, both AutoLogic and JTS. We’ve worked together and helped each other like a family.”

“I would like to thank all the management team and P’Nong who always give me a great opportunity, teach me everything and become a role model in the workplace.”

The best car carrier driver for handling Supercar Brands!

When it comes to high-end and super-fast Supercars with over THB 10 million from the famous brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren, P’Em, Suriyun Jontapa had a chance to touch and drive all of them! He accumulated all the techniques for trailer driving and all type of vehicle transportation. Currently, he is an instructor at JWD Transport for the Car Carrier Driving.

Each day, his responsibilities are starting from providing Car Carrier driving lessons for new employees, supporting on-site and coordinating with the drivers, and scheduling vehicles checkup. When it comes to Supercars transportation,  will work together with AutoLogic.

“The most challenging job tasks for me, first is the expensive Supercars transportation that required cautiousness. We have to trust our team members when they gave us a direction to move the car or even the size of the Loading Ramp to drive up to the trailer which is only a few centimeters away from the car. The second challenging task is teaching new employees who have no experience in driving Car Carrier before. I have to share them all my knowledge and working experience to let them drive carefully and safely delivered all customers’ cars.

“I’m delighted to work here at JWD and get a great opportunity for the professional growth in my career. I also take more responsibility at work, earn more money and have a stable job to support my family.

Because “Every Employee”
is JWD Great “Hero”

Stay Tune for the next “Everyday Heroes” in the next Stars Updates


JWD Organizes The Electronic Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2022 (E-AGM)

On April 28, 2022, JWD held The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2022 through electronic media and announced the 2021 operating results with the approval of the Dividend Payment (THB 0.25 per share). The record date for eligible shareholders will be on May 11 and the dividend will be paid on May 27.

Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan Presents a Lecture on “Embryo Incubation Program”

On April 24, 2022, Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO was invited to be a speaker to deliver a lecture on “Embryo Incubation Program” arranged by The Stock Exchange of Thailand, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in order to prepare and develop the body of knowledge for SMEs and Startups to be listed on the stock exchange.

JWD Donates Drinking Water and Instant Coffee to The Convenience and Safety Center During Songkran Festival

On April 11, 2022, Ms. Ploensiri Prongtrakool, the Property & Contract Manager, Benjaporn Land provided drinking water and instant coffee for the District Officers at The Convenience and Safety Center, Chonburi 2 Highway District that help facilitating and ensuring the safety for people during Songkran festival 2022.

Mr.Bordin Tanthaphaiboon Joins the Online Business Matching Activity with New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co.,Ltd.

On April 8, 2022, Mr. Bordin Tanthaphaiboon, Managing Director, JWD Transport joined the online business matching activity with New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co.,Ltd. and the Thai logistics operators respectively, organized by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce to further develop the “Multimodal Transport” between Thailand, China and neighboring countries and prepare for establishing network and to expand cooperation between the two countries.


Winner Announcement for “JWD Better Together – The VDO Series: Because We Are Together Ep.1 ATL x JTS” Activity

Winner Announcement
THB 1,000 Cash – 5 Prizes
1. Udom Aranwej ATL
2. Siwaroj Wanasit JWD Express
3. Parichart Nima  JTS
4. Chantana Soponwiwatkul  ATL
5. Budsayamas Poonpipat  CS

THB 200 Cash – 5 Prizes
1. Pornpimon Buathong, ATL KM19
2. Treepob Meeiam, PCS
3. Suwaree Kumbunleu, JTS
4. Thitithana Tubtimdee, CS
5. Sukanya Kumphookeaw, ATL

Terms & Conditions

  1. Send the front of your Employee ID Card and the bank account number to LINE: @jwdgroup (@) or Email:
    * The employee’s name and surname on the ID Card and the bank account should be matched.
  2. The prize will be delivered by the Corporate Communication Department within 48 hours after all required documents are submitted.
  3. The deadline to receive the prize is 20 May 2022
  4. For more information please contact: Tel 02 710 4000 #2008 or Email to

* The committee’s decision is considered final
* The prize can be adjusted accordingly subject to the discretion of the director.

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