5 Years Business Roadmap &
VNS Transport Acquisition
Stars Updates Vol 05/2021
 JWD Transport acquires all shares in VNS Transport Co., Ltd. to become the ASEAN region’s integrated logistics service provider, and by utilizing VNS’s expertise to expand the “milk-run” transport

JWD Transport (JTS), a JWD subsidiary, reached an agreement to acquire all shares in VNS Transport Company Limited (VNS) and all its affiliated assets with a budget of 200 million baht. At the same time, Mr. Bordin Tanthaphaiboon, chief executive of VNS Transport Co., Ltd. will assume the position of the company’s Managing Director.

This acquisition is considered to be an important investment in order to expand the logistics business and elevate JTS to become the ASEAN region’s integrated logistics service provider, and by utilizing VNS’s expertise to expand the “milk-run” transport, particularly the just-in-time transportation of auto parts and accessories from manufacturers to the automotive assembly plants of all brands.

Highlights in JTS business plan after merging with VNS
  • Utilise VNS expertise in expanding the Milk Run Transportation, especially receiving automobile parts and spare parts from each individual manufacturer then deliver them to car factories of different brands according to the set timeframe. When combining this expertise with JWD Transport expertise in delivering automotive for different car brands, this will allow our business to offer automobile logistics services that cover both upstream and downstream end.
  • Offer a broader range of services and expand our customer base. For instance; dangerous goods delivery, general goods, project cargo, temperature-controlled express delivery, international logistics and so on. This also focuses on integrating all modes of logistics from roads, rails, water and air logistics (Multimodal Transportation).
  • Exchange knowledge with VNS to enhance our logistics services, routes and human resource.

This merger is a crucial investment in our journey to become a leader in complete logistics provider in ASEAN by combining all modes of transportation together under management from JWD Transport. Services offered are as of following;
  • Transportation and distribution of general goods
  • Transportation and distribution of chemicals and dangerous materials
  • Transportation and distribution of automobile and parts
  • Car carrier service and milk run delivery
  • General & free zone and on-site automotive yard management 
  • ASEAN cross-border transportation
  • Transportation and distribution of temperature-controlled products
  • Cold chain express delivery for food & temperature-controlled products 
  • Project cargo logistics
  • Freight forwarding & supply chain management
  • Multimodal transport such as ship, rail, truck, and plane
  • Container lifting and moving at barge terminal 
  • Rail transfer operator
JWD introduces 5-year strategy to push revenue over MB10,000 
Initiates expansion of ‘Multimodal Transportation’ business base Following acquisition of VNS Transport Co., Ltd.
Creating cold storage hubs in major cities along with ‘New S-curve’
On 28 April 2021, JWD led by Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO and Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO arranged “JWD Online Meet The Press – 5 Years Business Direction”

JWD has devised a five-year strategic plan to elevate revenue to 10,000 million baht with the emphasis on the master plan to create growth for current businesses and investing in new businesses to create New S-Curve to leverage the transportation group through the plan to expand the business towards integrated transportation covering marine, rail and land. This is to ensure efficient transportation in the form of “Multimodal Transportation” following the finalization of the acquisition of VNS Transportation Company Limited with a budget of 200 million baht. Meanwhile, the investment in the cold storage business progressed with the construction of the establishment of distribution centers in major provinces to serve as regional hubs for the efficient shipment of temperature-controlled cargo. The plan is also on course to expand the base for the B2C business group through the expansion of the self-storage business, express delivery of temperature-controlled goods to service food and pharmaceutical businesses, as well as to provide online goods storage management system for order fulfillment covering dry and temperature-controlled storage that is expected to be ready in July this year. Also in the pipeline is the real estate development business related to logistics businesses.

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JWD shareholders’ E-AGM meeting 2021 and Board approves dividend payment of 0.22 baht per share
On 29 April, JWD held the Annual General Meeting 2021 in the form of E-AGM through the online system. The dividend payment will be made at the announced rate of 0.22 baht per share with the record date of 10 May and the payment date of 28 May.
Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan lectures on the topic “Financial Career Seminar”
On 24 April, Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan (CFO) was invited from SET to deliver an online lecture on the topic “Financial Career Seminars”.
Pillars laid at Pacific M Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
On 19 April, Pacific Cold Storage had pillars laid at Pacific M Cold Storage Co., Ltd. which is a joint venture company between Pacific Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (PCS) and MMP International Co., Ltd. (MMP). The new warehouse will be operated in Q4/2021 and managed by PCS for storing and handling raw materials of MMP.

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