SCGJWD Newsletter March 2023


Messages from Co-CEOs
to SCGJWD’s Employees

Newsletter Vol 03/2023


Co-CEO Announcement answer all concerns that we need to know

Co-CEO announcement answers all concerned that we need to know
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  • Confirm, no change in workplace, team and way of works
  • Khun Charvanin is still working as a Co-CEO until retirement and ready to move forward with a new target Market Cap of 100,000 million baht in 2027
  • New SCGJWD uniform will be ready on Q2-Q3/2023
  • Affiliated companies have no changes and waiting for the new logo update soon.
  • Update the safety, transportation and training systems for drivers and operations
  • Allocate welfare and appropriate compensation and comparable to other companies in the market
  • Set Goal for 2023

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Messages from Co-CEO SCGJWD 

Greetings all SCGJWD Executives and Employees.

“Changing is part of my life that I encountered throughout the setup of a company with a clear identity like “JWD”.

Of course, change always has an impact, however, the merger of “SCGJWD” will not only affect me, but I believe that it will lead to long-term positive effects on the organization and all employees, with great potential for creating growth opportunities.

In particular, the organization will gain competitive advantage in all aspects from the integration of resources from the two companies which will make our company be able to further compete in the logistics market with no limits. I am so proud of you all who have driven us to where we are today, where we rank 1st in ASEAN in both sales and profits.

I hope everyone will be fully committed to the new chapter where we are ready in every aspect. Under the management of me and P’ Bunn, SCGJWD will be an organization with sustainable growth. I promise that all employees will be taken care of, be given opportunities, and achieve stability in life. Thank you for being a part of SCGJWD.

Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, Co-CEO SCGJWD



Greetings all SCGJWD Logistics Employees.

May I introduce myself first. I’m P’ Bunn Kasemsup, Co-CEO of SCGJWD Logistics. I’m the representative from SCG Logistics. I will work together with Khun Charvanin and take care of our SCGJWD Logistics company.

I feel very happy for having a chance to greet everyone for the first time through this Newsletter. First of all, I would like to thank everyone once again for the success of our merger of SCGJWD Logistics.

All parties have combined the abilities of the two teams together and created a new history for the Thai logistics industry, making SCGJWD become the leader and the largest ASEAN Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Provider.

This merger is the first step that our SCGJWD people will start the journey together. The new challenge that awaits us hereafter is the next step that we will overcome and achieve our desired goals. Hope everyone will be determined and confident. I believe that we will definitely reach the goal together.

Mr. Bunn Kasemsup Co-CEO SCGJWD



‘SJWD’ announces 6 billion baht 2022 revenue before SCGL merger Confident of much stronger growth following merger completion

SCGJWD Logistics Public Company Limited (SJWD) announced the 2022 performance before the merger with SCG Logistics Company Limited (SCGL) of 5,988.2 million baht with the growth according to plan as a result of the overall picture of the business that has expanded with the clear tendency for continuous growth in regard to transportation, general warehousing, automotive storage and management, as well as the joint venture businesses. The Company is confident of its strong continuous growth following the completion of the merger with SCGL.

The 2022 operating results according to the financial statements before the integration with SCG Logistics Management Company Limited (SCGL) has shown satisfactory growth of the operations of the main businesses that were growing strongly producing a total revenue of 5,988.2 million baht, an increase of 13.1 percent from the previous year, and close to the 15 percent target. Meanwhile, the net profit was 504.3 million baht, a slight decrease from the previous year’s net profit of 571.7 million baht. The main factor was in Q4/2022 when additional costs were incurred from the merger with SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd. along with necessary additional staffing expenses, which were a special one-off expense.

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SCGJWD Top Management Meets Thai Ambassador at Phnom Penh Discussing the Promotion of The Multimodal Transport Between Thailand and Cambodia

On February 22, 2023, Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn, SVP Commercial and Mr. Nuttapon Busarapongpanich, AVP Regional Sales and Operations Management met with Mr. Cherdkiat Atthakor, Ambassador of Thailand to Cambodia and Mr.Nirawat Rangseekanjana, Minister Counsellor of Thai Trade Center, Phnom Penh to discuss the trade and logistics business and the development of The Multimodal Transport from Thailand to Cambodia.

Dhonburi Rajabhat University visited DG warehouse Laem Chabang Port

On February 16, 2023, the faculty and students from the Faculty of Management Sciences, Dhonburi Rajabhat University visited DG warehouse Laem Chabang Port and the Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment gave lectures on the handling of international dangerous goods transport for the participants to develop knowledge and strengthen skills in handling dangerous goods.

JWD-SCGL share swap moves ahead according to completed plan

JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited (JWD) completed the share swap transaction with SCG Logistics Management Company Limited (SCGL) according to the merger plan, the Company’s name will be changed to “SCGJWD LOGISTICS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED” and will start using the new trading symbol “SJWD” effective on February 17.

This significant move will elevate the merged Company to become the largest logistics and supply chain service provider in the ASEAN region pertaining to the customer base and increased asset, with services covering customers in the B2B, B2B2C and C2C groups, through from upstream, midstream to downstream of all industrial groups and increasing business expansion capability from a strong capital structure.

The Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment Donates Consumer Goods to Wat Nong Kanam School

On February 10, 2023, The Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment together with The Occupational Safety and Health Center, Region 2 (Chon Buri) gave consumer goods to use for school meals to Wat Nong Kanam School, Tambon Nong Hong, Amphoe Phan Thong, Chonburi.

The Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment Hold the Training Session in Chemical Usages in Daily Life for Farmers in Chonburi Province

On February 10, 2023, The Department of Occupational Safety Health and Environment together with The Occupational Safety and Health Center, Region 2 (Chon Buri) joined in the project to raise awareness on occupational safety and health, and informal workers in the agricultural sector to improve working environment and reduce exposure to hazardous substances.

The Safety Department gave a lecture on the use of chemicals in daily life to develop understanding and drive the safety and occupational health of Thailand (Safety Thailand) for farmers in the Chonburi area.

The Pillar Lifting Ceremony at JWD Store It!, Branch No.8 Bangsue Grand Station

On the auspicious day, February 8, 2023, Mr. Vasin Supavej, GM JWD Store It! presided over the Pillar Lifting Ceremony at JWD Store It!, Branch No.8, the flagship store at Bangsue Grand Station.

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