Happy New Year 2023! Wishing You Good Health,
Happiness, and Success in the Coming Year and Always.

Stars Updates Vol 01/2023


Happy New Year 2023
To All Executives and Staff

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Wish you happiness, success and wealth 
to our SCGJWD executives and staff

Happy New Year 2023

heading toward the new beginning 
together with SCGJWD


JWD Transport Organizes a Merit-making activity providing car carrier services for the new customers, Mercedes Benz at Bangna

On January 4, 2022, JWD Transport organized a merit-making activity to open a new site at Bangna Km. 13, providing car carrier services for European car customers under the Mercedes Benz brand and arranged an employee training program before starting work in January.

JWD Transport provides the best services for its customers.

Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada and Mr. Bunn Kasemsup Join the Launch of “SCG: The Next Chapter” Exposition

On December 13, 2022, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, and Mr. Bunn Kasemsup, CO-CEO SCGJWD attended in the launch of “SCG: The Next Chapter” Exposition as well as joined the afternoon session for the Talk Stage New S Curve “SCGJWD Insights – A New Dimension of the ASEAN Largest Digital Logistics” to reveal the strengths of One Stop Solution provider that makes SCGJWD to be ASEAN No.1 in Digital Logistics and Supply Chain.

JWD and TUM Executives Start the Compressor at Pacific Tum Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (PACT)

On December 12, 2022, at 09.29 AM, Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO together with Mr. Nakorn Niruttinanon, Managing Director of Thai Union Manufacturing, and Executives team started the compressor at Pacific Tum Cold Storage Co., Ltd. (PACT), a joint venture company between Pacific Cold Storage Co.,Ltd. (PCS) and Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TUM), to store raw materials and products under TUM Groups. This Cold Storage Warehouse will be managed by PCS.

JWD Holds the Dangerous Goods Training Session for The Evergreen Company Employees

On December 6, 2022, the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Department held the training session and workshop activities on the introduction to dangerous goods for the Evergreen Company employees at B2, the Laem Chabang Port, in order to let all participants to have a better understanding towards the dangerous goods as well as acknowledge the prevention and handling, including to be able to respond to emergency to reduce and control possible risk from operation.

JWD Group and JWD Transport Colleagues Organize CSR Activity “The 9th Lunch Project for Children” in Tak Province

On December 4-6, 2022, JWD Group and JWD Transport Colleagues arranged CSR Activity “The 9th Lunch Project for Children” at the Border Patrol Police Learning Center, Ban Por Bue La Ki, Tak Province. The activities included offering free lunch to all students and planting coffee trees to let students and people in the community earning extra money, also support the restoration of complex ecosystems for school and community to decrease shifting cultivation, human-sparked wildfires, and forest invasion.

JWD Moves Forward into “Green Logistics” by Receiving NEX EV Tractor

On December 1, 2022, JWD Group led by Ms.Amrapharn Bunditkitsada, Director and Mr. Bordin Tanthaphaiboon, Managing Director, JWD Transport received 10 100% EV Tractors from Nex Point Public Company Limited (NEX), as part of the company’s Green Logistics policy, which the test has been demonstrated that the EV tractor helps reduce fuel costs by 68% more than Diesel consumption or approximately THB Five Million per year, including carbon emissions reduced by 585 tonnes per year.


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1.  Nattitinart Phume JVK
2.  Maysinee Talabpeth JWD ASIA
3.  Anitaya Isanawin HO
4.  Suthinee Napanoppadol JVK
5.  Natthapat Somjinda JTS HO
6.  nootcharee onprapai HO
7.  Uchan Sonthrot  JTS SAMWA
8.  Wirat Khumiam LCB
9.  Arthit Jeamasukkasem  JTS SWA
10. Varithorn Iamjareon HO

11.  Pattira Pikul Safety
12.  Sudjao Prompui BPI
13.  Sudarat Thongen ATL FTM
14.  Nisarawan Paresrithong SWA
15.  Ancharee Keawbunreang JTS
16.  Yupa. Rattanathip  VNS BPI
17.  Saowarak Kunfahrean HO
18.  Ratchaneekorn Towwattanaku HO
19.  Janjira Ralakee LFZB
20.  Piradee Mepong DataSafe

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