Risk Management Day to raise awareness
for the entire organization.

Stars Updates Vol 08/2020


An era where risk has become much more relevant and significant to associate of all levels


I believe that we, all associates, have witnessed the news of a major explosion in Lebanon that occurred on the 4th of August 2020. The explosion was caused by the storage of a highly dangerous substance called “Ammonium Nitrate (Class 5.1: Oxidizing Agent)”, of which is classified as an explosion intensifier (TNN Online, 5th August 2020). The disaster resulted in at least 100 casualties and no less than 4,000 injured.

An internal source from the Lebanese government has revealed that a welder has set off the enormous amount of the ammonium nitrate due to his negligence. The spark from the welding process to repair a hole on the roof of Warehouse Number 9 led to a fire which spread to Warehouse Number 12 where approximately 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stored (Thairath Online, 6th August 2020).

We all can learn from this unfortunate incident that risk at work is highly relatable. The effect varies from something minor to something as enormous as the incident in Lebanon.

The Risk Committee under the leadership of Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya has played a major part during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Committee has holistically examined and established measures in many aspects including; strategic, process compliant, and financial aspect and abiding to related industrial law. These measures have guided us through the crisis without reduction in staff number nor salary. Contradict to major of the industry where the impact is felt rather immensely.  

On the 4th of August 2020, The Committee arranged an event called “JWD Risks Management Day” to provide knowledge and set up workshops on risk management for our associates. This allows attending associates to be able to apply knowledge and skills learnt during the day into their work within our organisation. Later in August, an arrangement is made to conduct a risk assessment within each of our business groups. And in September, an internal audit will follow up on the progress of the assessment.


JWD has been awarded concession to store dangerous substances for the period of over 30 years. 17 years after the award of the concession, JWD has demonstrated strict safety policies and has never involved in a fatal incident. This illustrates our capability in managing risks within our operations. However, apart from the operations, there are still risks that can take place within many other parts of our organisation.

I would like to ask every associate to help identify any risks within our own practice and establish a plan to help contain or reduce those risks. This will not contribute only to the safety of every colleague including ourselves, but to a sustainable growth of our organisation as well.



JWD 2020 E-AGM (Annual General Meeting) for Shareholders

On 3 August, The 2020 JWD Annual General Meeting for Shareholders was held in the E-AGM format broadcasted live from the 6th Floor Work Space, JWD Store It! Siam Building. We announced our business turnover for the year 2019 and an acknowledgment of the interim dividend payment from our previous year operation.

PLP’s Q-Mark system approved

On 10 July, officers from the Department of Land Transport together with an audit unit assessed and approved Pacific Logistics Pro’s Q-Mark System.

PCS and JPAC competed in the Excellent Logistics Management Award 2020

On 9-10 July, the Board, a team of logistics expert and staff of the Excellent Logistic Management Award 2020 visited Pacific Cold Storage and JWD Pacific to conduct a 3rd round on-site assessment.

Samut Sakhon Provincial Commercial Office inspected PCS to extend its operational licence

On 8 July, Samut Sakorn Provincial Commercial office conducted the triennial on-site inspection at the Pacific Cold Storage to extend the company’s cold storage operation licence.

Cold Chain Group donated bread to multiple schools in Samut Sakorn and Chachoengsao province

The Cold Chain Group donated freshly baked bread as snack to students from Anubansamutsakhon School and other schools in Chachoengsao.

JWD Bok Seng commenced a major transportation of more than 180 tonnes of goods from a storage yard to Sattahip Port

JWD Bok Seng provided a service to a global steel company by transporting more than 180 tonnes of project cargos from the storage yard to the Sattahip Port.



Rules applicable to the 41th Anniversary activity:

  • Send your answer about “Identify the risks your department may face and give suggestions for your department and company”
  • 5 winners will receive a Lamy Vista Clear pen “JWD Limited Edition”, the prize value of 800 baht/each.
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