“SaBuy Food” by JWD Express our easy-to-use
food delivery app is up for grabs.

Stars Updates Vol 06/2020


Sabuy Food App by JWD Express : an online market place for you to buy food supplies and fresh ingredients – all at your fingertips!

In the last issue of Stars Updates, we introduced a new express delivery service for refrigerated and frozen food items that are being served to you by JWD Express temperature-controlled vehicles. In this issue, we are very excited to introduce a brand-new food delivery app developed by the JWD Express Team. This platform functions as an all-in-one online marketplace for fresh food supplies and ingredients, and expectedly encourages the growth of JWD Express delivery service.

By using the SaBuy Food app, you will find a comprehensive range of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, seasonings and high-quality ingredients from highly reliable suppliers, distributors and food retailers nationwide. These are brought to your doorstep through our temperature-controlled express delivery service. Now you can rest assured that the quality and freshness of all food items can be perfectly maintained from where they are made to where they are consumed.


SaBuy Food – making your favorite meals more convenient than before!

Exclusive promotions for JWD staff

Promotion #1
First 100 persons who download the app and place an order, get FREE delivery within Bangkok and vicinity, plus a set of lovely ‘SaBuy Girl’ Line sticker (limited to 100 orders)

Promotion #2
For those who download the app/make an order, Click here! to write a review (on the app itself or the express delivery service), get 3 Happy Stars (no limit) 
* 5 Top spenders of the week get FREE a JWD Express jacket (limited to 20 prizes until the end of June 2020)


How to download SaBuy Food:

For IOS Click here! or scan QR code  |  For Android Click here! or scan QR code

To be eligible for the promotions: :

  1. Download SaBuy Food app
  2. Submit the proof of your successful download to inbox and click Like on Fanpage : SaBuy Food . Also provide your name, department and contact number.
  3. This offer is limited to Bangkok and vicinity only.
  4. Promotions start now and continue until 31 June 2020.
  5. For more information, contact or call 090 678 8205

* Referees’ decisions are final.
* Reserved for JWD staff only



JWD organizes the 1st Online Meet The Press

On May 15, JWD led by Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO and Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO organized online “Meet The Press” to announce Q1/2020 performance & business direction and provide the media with more details about how the company does business amidst COVID-19.

JWD reveals solid Q1/2020 performance with 7.7% growth in revenue to 966.1 MB amidst negative factors. Click here to view more!

Read more online news at Forbes Thailand  |  The Standard  |  Marketeer  | Matichon  |  MGR online  |  TNN Thailand  |  Thunhoon  |  Siamrath

CEO updates Q1 performance & business direction via online to representatives from all subsidiaries

On 28 May, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO organized the internal meeting “Q1/2020 performance and shared business direction to representatives from all subsidiaries.

JWD joins Opportunity Day Q1/2020 and Analyst Meeting events to announce Q1/2020 performance

On 18 and 22 May, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO and Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO attended the Online Opportunity Day and Analyst Meeting events, at which they highlighted JWD’s Q1 performance figures, including THB 966.1 million in revenue.

#JWDkeepfightingtogether – Snacks were delivered to all JWD staff as a token of thanks for their support and courage in fighting COVID

Freshly baked bread and chewy candies were brought to more than 1,700 JWD staff at every site. These represent the company’s feeling of gratitude to the staff for their support and courage in fighting the virus crisis.

#JWDkeepfightingtogether –  ‘Pantry of Sharing’ by JWD

At Head Office, LCB and DG sites, units of ‘Pantry of Sharing’ have been installed to give away non-perishable food items and necessities, and share a feeling of care and the meaning of giving to our JWD colleagues. 
“Let’s share. Take only what you need. And contribute if you can.”


JWD Corporate E-Brochure 2020

JWD Corporate E-Brochure 2020

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