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New Department: People & Culture

Stars Updates Vol 12/2020


HR redesigns way of thinking & working to drive “Super-Efficiency”

In this December Stars Updates Newsletter, the Human Resources Department would like to introduce a change in departments’ name which will be in effect from the 1st of January 2021. This change goes hand in hand with each department management strategies and is aimed at responding to business challenges. This focuses on a concept of being “Super-Efficiency” by utilising resources in the most effective way to achieve a set goal.

The Human Resources Department will be known as The People & Culture Department. People hold a key that leads our organisation to success. Therefore, we should manage our people with genuine care instead of thinking of people as a company’s resource. We will develop our people and organisation using our STARS values.

The People & Culture Department consists of 5 divisions, namely;

Talent Acquisition: Strategic recruitment and development of tools that help to attract people who have values and ways of work that match our organisation values are critical. They help not only to find quality people with values that match with our organisation values, but they also help reduce the time spent recruiting the right people while using the least possible financial resource.

Learning & Adoption Academy: Creating the right environment that values learning and development is one of the crucial factors that helps ensure that people will learn and develop with a lasting effect. This will, in turn, allow people to be able to contribute in a creative and excellent way that benefits our organisation. Learning does not only exist in a form of training in classroom, therefore every course needs to be designed in a way that the learning is applicable and assessable. We will focus more on online learning and excursions to other leading companies. Finally, we will also focus on learning that does not require high financial resources but will create a high-level of learning (Low cost but high impact).

Organization Effectiveness: Developing of human resources managing tools and initiatives that help enrich effectiveness and efficiency are foundations that help our organisation to be more competitive, especially during an economic crisis. For instance; initiative in creating Sales & Operation Crossed Functional KPIs that help Sales, and Operations Department in achieving target by working collaboratively or redesigning a department internal structure that allows flexibility in complying with a business strategy without a need of hiring extra workforces.

People Engagement: Associates are able to produce high quality work when they are happy, feel connected to and love the organisation. We must design a variety of activities that helps build a positive relationship between our organisation and the people within. It is also important to demonstrate a family-like care and to ensure that everyone is happy at work.

People Service Excellence: We ensure that the payroll and compensations are done correctly and in a timely manner with help from the use of technology in managing associate’s data that allows a convenient and instant access to data. Some of our affiliates are currently utilising the HRIS system that allows associates to submit a request for O.T., leave request, and look up your own personal data and other associates’ information including email and phone number through an HRIS Application called “MI HCM”. In the near future, associates will be able to request company’s forms and certificates through an online system as well.


JWD on Media

Grand opening the 1st JWD chemicals and dangerous goods ‘Built-to-Suit’ warehouse in Navanakhon Industrial Estate

Grand opening the 1st JWD chemicals and dangerous goods ‘Built-to-Suit’ warehouse for Crane Worldwide Logistics on a 6,000 sq.m. in Navanakhon Industrial Estate

Press Release

JWD expands business group to include ‘investment’, augmenting revenue from rentals and management Aggressive plan to develop ‘Built-to-Suit’ warehouses with 1st project in Navanakhon

JWD moves ahead to expand the business base of the Group to include investment by establishing its presence to invest in the development and management of “Bult-to-Suit” warehouses with the first being the commissioning of the first chemical and hazardous material warehouse for Crane Worldwide Logistics on a 6,000-square-metre plot of land in Navanakhon Industrial Estate, Pathum Thani Province, which is a logistically important location in northern Bangkok. The facility is expected to be completed in November 2020 and long-term income can be expected from the 15-year warehouse rental contract and 10-year management contract that would contribute to the stability of regular revenue. The plan is also in place to develop “Built-to-Suit” cold storage warehouses as a prelude to listing the assets as a trust fund in the future.

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Kaohoon Newspaper on 17 November 2020

Thunhoon Newspaper on 17 November 2020

Kaohoon Newspaper on 19 November 2020




Analysts and fund managers visit JWD sites at Laem Chabang

On 2 December, Dr Eakapong Tungsrisanguan (CFO) and Innvestor Relation team organised “JWD Site Visit” at Laem Chabang and welcomed more than 30 analysts and fund managers to visit JWD LCB-Complex, barge terminal, dangerous goods terminal, and automotive yard.

Dr. Chadchart Sittipunt and the executives from Gulf Energy Development PLC. visit JWD sites at Laem Chabang

On 1 December, Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul (CCO) and management team welcomed Dr. Chadchart Sittipunt and the executives from Gulf Energy Development PLC. for site visits at barge terminal, LCB-Complex, automotive yard at Laem Chabang to explore opportunities for business cooperation.

2021 Strategic Planning & Budgeting Workshop

On 26-27 November, JWD and affiliated companies join hands and brainstorm to drive 2021 Strategic Roadmap & Business Growth Plan focusing on 5 key strategies – Operation Excellence, HR Excellence, IT Innovation, Network and Asset Utilization.

JWD CEO & CFO joins The CFO: Crisis Financial Officer Seminar

On 17 November, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada (CEO) and Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan (CFO) joined The CFO: Crisis Financial Officer seminar and shared viewpoint on the topic CEO – CFO, ′′ The Ultimate Partnership ′′ organised by MAI – shared collaboration between CEO and CFO.

Dr. Eakapong Tungsrisanguan, CFO gives lecture for the 1st CFO Refresher course

On 9 November, Dr Eakapong Tungsrisanguan (CFO), at the invitation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (or SET), delivered a lecture on financial capital market for the 1st CFO Refresher course and shared his broad knowledge and experience.

Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn (SVP Group Commercial) joins panel discussion of The 4th Last Mile ASEAN Conference & Expo

On 6 November, Mr. Nattapume Pavaratn (SVP Group Commercial) joined the seminar and performed role as a moderator at The 4th Last Mile ASEAN Conference & Expo which included last mile delivery companies & operators, and all stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem to exchange experience and perception in the new normal era.

AutoLogic’s 2020 merit-making activity

On 10 November, AutoLogic LCB held its annual merit-making ceremony (including giving alms, making merit and sponsoring a meal to monks) to mark an auspicious start for the company and its employees.


CEO Talk Live 2020!

You are invited to join CEO Talk Live 2020 on 10 December 2020 at 15.30-17.00 pm which will be broadcasted to all sites via link and win special prizes!

Rules applicable to the CEO Talk Live 2020 event:

  • Send your messages or questions to CEO, each person can send up to five messages.
  • Provide your full name and contact number and identify your organization unit to or add Line ID @jwdgroup by Wednesday 9th, December 2020 before 18.00 pm.
  • Each of 10 senders will win a 500 THB Gift Voucher (x10) from Central Department
  • Winners will be announced during a live stream.
  • For more details, call 02 710 4000 Ext. 2008.

* Referees’ decisions are final.      
* Prizes are subject to change as appropriate at the referees’ discretion.


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