JWD 40th Anniversary – messages from our management


JWD’s IT arm DITS launches control centre to control, collect online data from local, overseas worksites

IT business under DITS’s management is one of the four main business segments of JWD Group. It enhances the efficiency of, and provides necessary support to, all members of JWD Group.
DITS now operates a control centre equipped with four large LCD screens that display key data. The centre provides business intelligence and Internet systems and controls the functions of servers, IT devices and CCTV cameras.

Data from all worksites is updated real-time. An alert will be triggered when an issue is detected. Red tape is cut, and the need to maintain monitoring personnel is removed.

DITS is committed to being a leading IT infrastructure developer, improving the capacity to manage the supply chain and respond to customer demand, introducing new business models and fueling JWD’s success.


DIW visits JCS

On 27 June, Safety Centre and JCS officers welcomed visitors from the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), who observed the operation of JWD Chemical Supply Chain facility (JCS), the only storage plant for hazardous substances to be given the scores higher than the standard levels in terms of plant structure, management system and emergency response. They asked JWD to share its experience in handling hazardous substances safely.

PCS provides training in Halal food, industrial practices

On 15 June, Pacific Cold Storage organised a training course on Halal food and industrial practices, participated by a speaker from The Central Islamic Council of Thailand.

CFO presents Q1 results to int’l investors

On 12 June, Dr Eakapong Tungsrisanguan (CFO) presented JWD’s Q1 performance data to international institutional investors during SET Digital Roadshow event.

Students, lecturers from Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin visit ASRS-equipped cold storage

On 7 June, Mr Jitchai Nimitpanya (deputy CEO) and PCS team welcomed a 30-member group of students and lecturers from Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, who visited Buildings 7 and 8 of Pacific Cold Storage, the first public cold storage plants in Thailand to be equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).

DG warehouse team’s participation in Laem Chabang Port’s mangrove forest conservation programme

On 7 June, JWD’s dangerous goods warehouse team joined the activities organised by Laem Chabang Port to conserve mangrove forests and the coast at Laem Chabang, in an effort to raise all parties’ awareness of the importance of mangrove forests to the ecological system and to the campaigns to reduce impacts from wave erosion, keep community areas intact and recover the ecological system.

Mazda visits AutoLogic yard

On 5 June, AutoLogic welcomed visitors from Mazda Thailand, who observed the operation of the company’s automotive yard at Laem Chabang.


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