JWD announces Q3/2020 performance of
993.8 MB significant growth over Q2

Stars Updates Vol 11/2020


The Q3/2020 performance grew more significantly than Q2/2020 bucking the economic trend, with total revenue of 993.8 million baht, or an increase of 12.0 percent over the previous quarter and a net profit of 72.5 million baht, or a growth of 50.7 percent over the previous quarter. This is after most of the businesses recovered quickly and new businesses showed a continued growth trend, including the vehicle warehousing and management business, hazardous cargo warehousing and management business, rail yard management and barge terminal business, cold storage, and food service business in Taiwan. The Company expected the overall 2020 revenue to be higher than target.

The trend of the overall 2020 performance is expected to be about 3,800-4,000 million baht – higher than the previous projection set to maintain the sales at the same level as in the previous year in anticipation of the repercussion from COVID-19. This is indicative in the significant growth in the 9-month performance and the overview of the business that looks to recover continuously in the year’s last quarter.




Mr.Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO, welcomed visitors from The Next Real 9 Course

On 2-3 November, Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO, welcomed visitors from The Next Real 9 Course and showed JWD Store it! self storage, art storage space in the JWD Art Space, and an ASRS robotic cold storage system in Samutsakhon.

Commission of Commerce and Industry visited PCS cold storage

On 30 October, Mr. Jitchai Nimitpanya, Deputy CEO, and Mrs. Achara Nimitpanya, Cold Chain Group MD, welcomed and showed PCS Mahachai’s ASRS robotic cold storage to visitors from the Commission of Commerce and Industry from the House of Senate.

ATL Laem Chabang arranged Loi Kratong event

On 30 October, AutoLogic Laem Chabang organised a Loi Kratong event to enrich Thai cultural heritage and strengthen unity among associates.

DITS donated essential items and offered scholarships to students from Ban Koh Phai School

On 23-25 October associates from Dynamic IT Solutions donated essential items, organised a lunch service, and offered scholarship to 63 students from Ban Koh Phai School in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

DITS arranged PDPA training session

On 22 October, Dynamic IT solutions arranged a training session for associates from all associated companies at the Banthat Thong Room, Level 6 JWD WorkSpace. The topics were PDPA and DATA Driven Organization, Personal Data Protection Act: Surprisingly Close To Home, and New Norms for Digital Life.

DataSafe organised basic firefighting training and fire evacuation drill

On 22 October, DataSafe organised the 2020 annual theoretical and practical basic firefighting training, and evacuation drill. All associates participated in the training.

JWD Express arranged 2020 annual religious ritual

On 19 October, JWD Express arranged the 2020 annual religious ritual praying for the success of a new company, a management team, and associates. All member of the management team and associates participated in the common lunch service on the day.

JWD Asia and DataSafe (Cambodia) participated in memorial ceremony in one-year anniversary of the passing of King Rama IX

On 13 October, JWD Asia Logistics Cambodia and DataSafe (Cambodia) participated in a memorial ceremony service on the one-year anniversary of the passing of King Rama IX hosted by the Royal Thai Embassy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


JWD​ GROUP x Clients:
Customer’s Point of View and Experiences

“Everything is Logistics” Conquer Every Problem in Business with Complete Logistics

Many of us believe that logistics is simply a ‘delivery of goods’ to the designated destination. However, JWD wants to introduce you to another side of logistics where logistics is utilised by real world businesses to overcome difficulties.

  •  ISUZU, a leader in vehicle manufacturing industry. As car factories work around the concept of Just-In-Time, any hiccups in logistics will result in a disruption of a flow creating a bottleneck. Apart from that, vehicles are sold without packaging, it is quite challenging for any business to store and deliver a product without any scratch on the final product.
  • RICH’S, an importer of whipping cream and frozen bakery product. Some of the major hinderances of delivering temperature-controlled goods to a far distance are the availability of service providers, high cost of delivery, and the ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the delivery process from a sender to a receiver.
  • ZUELLIG INDUSTRIAL, a leading trading company. A 20-year relationship that has turned into trust between the two companies. I feel as if the logistics services that are taken care by JWD were a part of my own company.

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