JWD Chemical Supply Chain (JCS)

JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited has been the sole concessionaire granted by the Port Authority of Thailand for 30 years to provide warehousing, yard management and handling of dangerous goods within Laem Chabang Port. In order to fully serve diverse demands and be the first to offer complete domestic and international distribution hub of dangerous goods and chemical. JWD extends new area and the service of ‘JWD Chemical Supply Chain’ offering value added services similar to general warehouse such as re-packing, sorting and packing.

With specialized skills and well trained staff in each field of dangerous goods handling, our dedicated Port Safety unit follows best practice to manage dangerous goods in all stages so that you can be assured of appropriate handling of goods and minimum impact on the environment.  Dangerous Goods Terminal VS JWD Chemical Supply Chain

Storage Hazardous Materials

  • Dangerous cargoes base on IMDG Code (International Regulation)
  • Hazardous materials base on DIW (Thailand Regulation)


  • 500 m2 (6 rooms with 20 x 25 m)
  • 700 m2 (2 rooms with 20 x 35 m)
  • 3,500 m2 (1 room for storage of low-risk-chemicals)

Warehouse Facility

  • Epoxy resin flooring
  • Firewall
  • Fire resistance door
  • Fire exit door
  • Collection sump
  • High expansion foam generator system
  • Smoke detector
  • Flame detector
  • Emergency alarm system
  • Fan ventilation system

Safety and Fire Fighting System

  • Firewall with temperature resistance > 1000 °C (120 min)
  • Storage area with epoxy resin flooring for corrosive substance (class 8)
  • Fire resistance door with detection system
  • Fan ventilation system
  • Electrical equipment with non explosion proof
  • Smoke detector, flame detector and mobile gas detector
  • Generator foam system with 150 m3 of water for fire fighting system
  • Collection sump with 1 m3 for each storage room
  • Sump pit with 200 and 280 m3 for storage room 500 and 700 m2, respectively

High Safety Standard with Dangerous Goods Port Safety 24 hr. With more 15 years of accumulated experience in different areas regarding the handling of dangerous goods, in full compliance with rigid safety standards, JWD is the only logistics firm being granted a concession by the Port Authority of Thailand to provide services associated with the handling and storage of dangerous goods under the IMDG Code and regulations of the Department of Industrial Works within the Laem Chabang Port area.  At JWD, emergency drills as well as brief explanation/training on equipment usage are conducted on a regular basis. This includes emergency drills, emergency drills conducted in co-operation with habours and the Laem Chabang Port, and emergency exercises at the provincial and national level to deal with incidents caused by hazardous goods.  
Network of Our Emergency Response Team

  • Laem Chabang Port and local authority
  • HAMAT & fire fighting team
  • Medical Team (hospital)
  • Rescue team
  • PTT, ESSO, Unithai Shipyard